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More Walter Mitty screen caps

Due to overwhelming demand, and by overwhelming I mean one person asked, here are more The Secret Life of Walter Mitty screen caps. More variety! New scenes! And quotes! I'm such a ham.

Feeding the pigeons because it shows he is tenderhearted. *squee*

Nurse: *all frantic and worried* Doctor, do you think...? Is he...?
Dr. Mitty: Don't worry, Nurse. Your brother will play the violin again. I just grafted new fingers on."

Mitty's face after he's wiped soap all over his clean shirt. *frowny face at his mother*

I adore this uniform, like whoa.

Some soldier: Remember that impression of the old Professor that Mitty would do?
Other soldier: Rah-ther. Nearly drove the old professor balmy.
Some soldier: I wish he'd do it now.

Mitty as the old professor: Music tells a story. It has a beginning, unt a middle, unt an end. Unless it is the unfinished symphony in which it has a 
beginning...*confused look*

Classic "Pimpin' Aint Easy" look.

Brooding eyes. *squiffle*

Bad guy: I know you're in love with my fiancee. I'll play you one hand for her.
Gaylord (what???) Mitty: You'd pluck a star from the heavens and fling it on the soiled cloth of a gamin' table?

Apparently, the air is full of bubbles in the one told me about this. Must be common knowledge.

Mitty: Fort Sumpter has been fired upon. My regiment leaves at dawn. 
Ms. Gurtrude: Oh, Gaylord. How I've misjudged ya.
Mitty: I know it's too much to hope for, Mam, but if you'll wait...
Ms. Gurtrude: Forever, Gaylord. Forever.

OH the drama!!! *snicker*

A few classic Kaye poses.

*Raves in French over the previous two hats*
*Gets to this one*
Anatole of Paris: You are no longer with us.


A girl in a boat hat and Danny with his little pole.

The boat seems to have sunk, but Danny's little pole seems to have risen...

MItty The Kid's in town!

Smokin' gun. *melts*

He seems to be impervious to break-away chairs and wagon wheels!!!

Lurking. Yay.

Bad guy: *pathetically* Don't hit me again, Slim! Please!

Oh wow, that took far too long. Nice, though. I'm all sleepy and I'm going to bed now. I hope I didn't exceed my bandwith. Hope you all enjoyed!
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