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I know I promised them for a while, but I tried to post last week and ... well, I imagine you all know that LJ's pic posting was down. Anyway, here's to feeding the withdrawal symptoms. Warning: If you have not seen this movie, this post contains SPOILERS! And now, several caps from

Here he is as the Egyptian Prince's head that Yakoff manages to keep alive with his golden elixir. Poor Georgi here has a mouthful of furniture polish and is desperately trying not to swallow it.

Here, our naive Georgi is trying to convince Yakoff he can be cut-throat. Look how mean he looks!...yeah.

A beautiful Kaye portrait captured on celluloid.

The hapless Georgi can't even get water from the town fountain. Perhaps a small reference to the Greek myth of Tantalus whom in Hades would bend to drink water he was standing in and the waters would recede. Well...perhaps a reference. Okay, no.

Georgi, mistaken as the Inspector General has dinner at the mayor's house. The mayor's wife chats away and pulls at Georgi's arm, keeping all food from his mouth unknowingly. Eventually, he bites her hand diving for the spoon. It's a great moment.

Maria (mayor's wife): ...we undressed you--
Georgi: We?
Maria: and you were in a very playful mood. Oooh, a very naughty Inspector General.

Me: OH my GOD.
Sorry folks, tried to get a cap of Kaye in bed without the obstruction, but it didn't work. We settle for this.

Yakoff convincing Georgi to continue the charade to benefit the poor people of the town when in reality he just wants to get some fast bribes out of the corrupt politicians. Here's me trying to capture all those beautiful Kaye faces.

A bit closer...*sigh*

SMAAAAAAAART! A cap from "Soliloquy for Three Heads" written by Sylvia Fine. A quote from Nobody's Fool: The Lives of Danny Kaye by Martin Gottfried:
"Kaye is seen simultaneously as four fellows, his own character plus a Russian, a German, and an Englishman. That makes for four voices singing harmony in four dialects. The trick anticipates the multiple recording techniques that the record industry would not develop for several years. Kaye's musicianship, his flair, and his accents are on versatile display here." page 148.

Here Georgi is putting his foot down with some of the corrupt politicians' shenanigans with obviously "cooked" tax books.

Georgi putting on a face to fool a suspicious guard who recognizes him in the mayor's house as Yakoff's traveling fool.

Maria again trying to seduce the "Inspector General."

Georgi glowing as Yakoff reads him Lisa's "love letter." Georgi cannot read or write, so he cannot tell that the note Lisa slipped him warns him of the crooked politicians' (and Yakoff's) plot to kill him. BLOOPER: The first time we see the note Lisa writes, it says, "They are trying to kill you! Don't go near the barn!" Later when the very slow woodchopper/assasin reads the note to Georgi, he says, "Don't go near the barn, they are trying to kill you." I know lot of stuff!

Kaye doing the "Gypsy Drinking Song" again written by his wife, Sylvia Fine. Again, a quote from Nobody's Fool: The Lives of Danny Kaye by Martin Gottfried:
"[Kaye's] singing of [the songs in the movie] showed what made him the toast of London. For instance, in "The Gypsy Drinking Song" he pretends to play the violin with astonishing credibility, his fingerwork nimble and his bowing assured.  The soulful look on his rapt face is worth the number alone. This piece also incorporates his stage routine of subdividing an audience, assigning sounds to each section and then conducting the different groups."

Kaye: (playing the violin raptly, breaks character to look under his arm at some random dude and say) I liiiiike it. (resumes playing) Makes me cry!!!

Rapt expression. *melts*

Georgi finds his treasured love note is a warning of foul play! Check out the tons of hair and unibrow on this dude!!!

Georgi is honest and cannot sign the note of execution for the real Inspector General.

Georgi: I can't sign this.
Mayor: Why not?
Georgi: Firstly, I can't write. I can't read either. Even if I could read or write I couldn't send this man to his death.

He's all honest and stuff. I melt over this movie a lot.

The real Inspector General rewards Georgi.

Georgi gets to be Mayor! Notice Yakoff in the background as deputy. *squee* All is happy.

The final scene with the final reference to the sword routine. Georgi finally get his sword out to salute during the town's anthem and there's no blade. *facepalm*

A great movie. The first I ever saw Danny Kaye in. Some other facts and quotes from Nobody's Fool: The Lives of Danny Kaye by Martin Gottfried:

It was Kaye's sixth film. It was based on a play by the same name, though it is completely different. His first "adult movie" after the "childish" Goldwyn movies that basically castrated all of Kaye's characters. In this movie Kaye is "costumed with particular dash, he is romantic and even sexy--fit, agile and healthy." This was "Kaye's first real dramatic challenge" and his "performance is a model of acting ability." 

I adore this movie. If you have not seen it, please make a point of it. I even think Netflicks has it (for all you Americans).
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