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During the month of December, I finally watched "White Christmas" for the very first time.  And thus, I was shown the greatness that is Danny Kaye.  Since then, I've dug & found most all of his movies either from DVD, VHS, NetFlix, or download.  Even YouTube helped in some aspects.

Now, I'm in Kaye-Heaven.
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Try to look up his music as well! There are some box sets out there, and much of the wonderful stuff was never in a film. ♥
I should have mentioned the music too. I'm slowly adding more & more songs. I've downloaded a couple albums & found several 78s on eBay. I have well over 100 songs & stories already. :-D

I about keeled over hearing "The Woody Woodpecker Song" the first time (on 78!). I also bought the Grimms 33. I love vinyl!
Awesome! I have a friend who is a big collector of old vinyl. He got me a copy of nearly every Danny Kaye track in existence, and converted them to mp3. Here's my main collection (though not all). Let me know if there's something there I can get you!
Very awesome! I have good deal of those. There's a few titles that are calling out to me, though: "The Thing" & "The Case Of The Murdered Meatball."

I'm still checking out eBay for vinyl, which I very much want to grow my collection of. Plus, I don't wanna go broke so I'm taking my time. ;-)
Here you go!

Case of the Murdered Meatball
The Thing

I wonder what you have that I might not? ;)
Ooooh, thank you very much! (I love Phil Harris' version of "The Thing" & I really like what Danny did with it!)

Hmm... lets see...

Eileen (78vinyl)
I Paid My Income Tax Today (not the whole song as far as I can tell... I found it online)
How D'Ye Do & Shake Hands (online)
Hula Lou (online)

Grimm's Fairy Tales album (33 vinyl)

I also have all the Gilbert & Sullivan tunes from the collection "D'Oyle Carte: The Sorcerer"
Ooo, are any of those shareable? I'd particularly like the Fairy Tales album. :)
Thank you so much! I will be sharing these with my 7-year-old. ♥
You're welcome!